Independent-cctv-installer CCTV is now considered a crucial technology in both crime prevention and detection. We offer a range of both overt and covert CCTV systems, with innovative and creative tailored solutions combining the power of both.

Keep watch over your property from the comfort of your armchair.

Typical Features:

  • Simple to install yourself - just plug the receiver into your TV or video, or take up our optional installation service for a hassle-free professional installation
  • Outstanding digital recording quality through Digital Video Recording (DVR) or hard-drive storage
  • Can incorporate from 1 to 10 cameras with automatic sequential switching
  • Ethernet connectivity for viewing on a PC from anywhere in the world! with email alert facility
  • One-way audio system, allowing you to listen where the camera is positioned
  • Automatic Infra-Red switching cameras available - for seamless night-time surveillance
  • Triplex operation - allowing recording, live and playback; with top-of-the-range solutions allowing 31 day recording
  • Activity detection
  • External housings can be vandal proof

Covert CCTV systems

cctv-maintainer-service-install-hampshire Our covert camera products provide a perfect solution for discreet CCTV monitoring, where normal cameras would be considered intrusive or would be too noticeable. Covert cameras come cleverly disguised in units you would expect to find in most areas of business, indoors and out. The range includes both monochrome and colour options, with audio if required.

You can use covert cameras in very creative and highly productive ways to greatly increase your crime deterrent factor. For instance, you could use a ‘dummy’ camera for decoy while positioning the real camera at the most opportune monitoring position, cleverly disguised as a clock on the wall. Or, to give the feeling that there are ‘eyes’ all around, you can warn that the area is being monitored with security cameras, leaving it to guesswork to just where those cameras are and how many.

Also available in the covert camera range is a sturdy and dependable outdoor vandal resistant camera that's ideal for stadium use or other areas at high risk of vandalism.