Electric Gates, Grills and Shutters

We supply, fit and install the highest quality Electric Gates (Metal or Wooden) and Security Grills & Shutters.


Electric Gates

SSAIB-Approved-Alarm-Fitters-South-EastA gate at the entrance of your property not only looks classy - adding status and value to your home, it also moves your first line of defence to the perimeter allowing you, your children and even your pets to feel secure within your own border.

Electric gates also give you the timesaving convenience of opening and closing by remote control: no more struggling with manually opening and closing heavy gates in appalling weather in the dark of night, just sit safely and comfortably in your car and press a button.

Gates can be fitted as either sliding or swinging depending upon your needs.


Metal Gates

SSAIB-Approved-Alarm-Fitters-South-East A wrought iron gate is strong, secure and highly durable and tends to blend in seamlessly with it's surroundings matching any style of driveway or garden.

Metal gates are also usually a less espensive alternative to wooden gates and require less periodic maintenance.


Wooden Gates

SSAIB-Approved-Alarm-Fitters-South-EastWooden gates offer a warmer, softer and more natural look to your home. They are also unique as no two gates are the same!

A close-boarded gate affords you a level of privacy you won't get from an iron gate, and the hardwood gates we supply are strong and durable.

Security Grills & Shutters

SSAIB-Approved-Alarm-Fitters-South-EastWe can supply and fit high strength aluminium or steel shutters that combine strength with style; offering you a cost-effective, secure and aesthetically pleasing solution for your domestic or commercial needs.

Insulated security shutters are popular in domestic and light commercial applications, offering heat and sound insulation and potentially even offering protection against bomb blasts.

Security Grilles offer a stylish and discrete solution that still provides an effective barrier against intruders, whilst retaining the appearance of the building that is being protected.