Intruder Alarms

We can provide pet-friendly Wired and Wireless intruder alarm systems with the added peace-of-mind of 24 hour Monitoring and Maintenance.


SSAIB-Approved-Alarm-Fitters-South-East Our wired alarm systems feature the most up to date technology, with our qualified installation team; we can fit a system to meet your requirements.


We custom design intruder alarms to cover the possible scenarios of intrusion, with all or part of the alarms system activated.


When armed, intrusion will activate the alarm and advise the central monitoring station within seconds (if the option is taken). If required, designated areas or doors with contacts can be programmed to ‘chime’ the alarm system, advising the monitoring station of movement in areas without activating a full alarm.


Typical Features:

  • LCD Panel with multiple user codes
  • Passive infrared detectors (PIRS) and door contacts depending on your personal requirements
  • Our Pet-Friendly detectors recognize the difference between pets and humans, only signalling an alarm when appropriate
  • An external bell box with siren/strobes and an internal sounder
  • Event memory allowing the master code holder to read the time and date of each incident. We can even post you a monthly print out if required
  • With Upload and Download most adjustments can be made remotely from our office
  • Tag Readers and Radio Remotes


Wireless-alarm-fitting-maintenance Our wireless systems provide a complete security solution for you embracing the latest technology. Secure transmission methods, long battery life and superbly designed detection accessories enable the installation to be trouble free and more importantly, virtually wire free.

Stable & Barn Protection Specialists

stable and barn security specialists Over two decades we have grown a solid specialty in stable and barn protection, we can offer a tailor made solution for your equine and agricultural building security needs.

From initial survey through to installation, our team of industry specialists will provide you with a detailed survey and a specification to suit your requirements. We can provide full entry systems, lighting solutions, and alarms.

Our systems will provide you with the complete protection solution you need backed by a support team that will provide the service you require.

Monitoring And Maintenance

We strongly recommend that your security alarm system be connected to the Police using Southern Monitoring Services. Southern Monitoring Services provide a vital link, 24 hours a day, to monitor your alarm system for not only intruder activation, but also panic distress and smoke detection.

BT Redcare additionally monitors your telephone line, which means if your telephone line is cut, Southern Monitoring Services will be made aware of the situation within seconds and take the appropriate action.


We offer four different levels of service:


Bronze Service
  • 1 service visit a year
  • 24 hour call-out facility (chargeable)
Silver Service
  • 1 service visit a year
  • All labour charges free (cost of parts not covered by guarantee)
  • Unlimited free 24 hour call-out
Gold Service
  • 1 service visits a year
  • All replacement parts free †
  • All labour charges free
  • Unlimited free 24 hour call-out
Digi/Redcare/Dual-Com Central Station Monitoring
  • 1 service visit and 1 remote service a year
  • All replacement parts free †
  • All labour charges free
  • Unlimited free 24 hour call-out
  • Unlimited free resets

† Parts and labour are covered against general wear and tear, excluding vandalism, flood damage, etc.

Payment is made by banker's standing order. We are happy to supply forms on request.