Access Control and Intercoms

We only supply, fit and install the best-in-class Audio entry systems (Intercoms), Video Entry Systems and Access Control Systems.

Audio Entry Systems

SSAIB-Approved-Alarm-Fitters-South-EastFlexible and modular designs allow these systems to grow with your home or business needs. Benefits can include: multiple doors, coded access, integrated proximity access and state-of-the-art bio-access features.

The latest systems employ mobile phone technology to operate doors and automatic gates remotely, by allowing calls to be made from a door or gate to any telephone anywhere in the world.

Available for single or multi-tenant properties.


Video Entry Systems

SSAIB-Approved-Alarm-Fitters-South-East All the flexibility and benefits of a state-of-the-art audio entry system but with the added clarity and peace of mind of mono or colour video.

Our highly flexible kits can be expanded to include multiple entrance points, multiple videophones per apartment and can include a number of accessories such as extension audio phones and sounders.


Access Control

SSAIB-Approved-Alarm-Fitters-South-EastOrganisations of all sizes are enjoying the benefits of replacing old-fashioned key based systems for the flexibility and efficiency of electronic access control.


Benefits such as low running costs and ease of administration are well proven - Lose a key? No-need to expend the time and considerable expense of replacing all your locks and keys, just cancel the lost card and re-issue a new one! No need for a giant key-ring of multiple keys to control access to different areas either, each card can be easily set-up to control access to who can go where.


There are also alternatives to the credit card sized key cards such as: Proximity Tokens and Key-Fobs which offer hands-free access with a much lower rate of getting lost (as they are securely attached to Key-rings or held in wallets).